Henry Miller – The Father of Dirty Books

Ok, he may not have invented them, but he sure wrote a lot of them and he sure wrote them well.  We’ll start out this blog with an easy one, Under the Roofs of Paris.  This is more smut and less plot than other choices by Miller, such as his “Tropic” books (which have been banned for obscenity all over the place), and is also shorter by several hundred pages, so is a nice intro to determine if his writing is for you. But really – this book is not fucking around, if you don’t believe me, take a look at some of the reviews over at Goodreads.

Henry Miller - Under the Roofs of Paris

To see if your local library has this book, and if not, to find links on where to buy in for the least amount of money, head on over to WorldCat.


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The Wonderful World of Dirty Books

The huge popularity of both the Twilight books and, much more recently, of Fifty Shades of Grey, has made me realize that there is both a growing demand for dirty books and a lack of knowledge of where to find good ones.  As I have been giving recommendations to friends both in person and online more and more frequently, I thought I would just take on the role I am serving and become (duh duh duuuuuh) the Dirty Book Librarian!  In this blog I will chronicle well written (or at least not poorly written) dirty books that I would recommend over the recent swill that has hit the marketplace.  I see this as doing a public service, as there’s really nothing quite like reading a good dirty book.  I’m collecting my first few recommendations and should have them posted soon!

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